Entheogenesis Australis is a charitable, educational organisation established in 2004; we provide opportunities for critical thinking and knowledge sharing on ethnobotanical plants, fungi, nature and sustainability.

Through our conferences and workshops, we aim to celebrate the culture, art, politics and community around medicine plants in the hope to better wellbeing for humankind and the planet

Mission statement: Planting seeds for earth, body, and mind

Statement of Purpose: Entheogenesis Australis exists to enhance the Australian natural environment by:

E – Encouraging the propagation, cultivation, conservation, preservation and sharing of plants and fungi of ethnobotanical significance whilst nurturing botanical environments.

G – Growing community and developing connections through conversation, events, media and the creative arts, acting as a multidisciplinary nexus for knowledge sharing within the field of Ethnobotany.

A – Advancing botanical discussion through research, critical thinking, education, creativity, innovation, and awareness about plants, fungi and related compounds with potential beneficial applications for humankind and the natural environment.


Website and Ethnobotany Online Content Fundraiser

The aim of this fundraiser is to support the creation of a new online platform for EGA, consisting of an original multimedia home page and second stand-alone conference web page for Entheogenesis Australis. With your help, we wish to create a web page where we can share content with the community, host past lectures and journal articles, and launch our new botanical articles project, but we need your support to realise this project. Help us share knowledge of ethnobotanical plants, fungi, nature, and sustainability.

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We are currently redeveloping our website. While we cultivate our new digital presence you can still access great content via our YouTube channel, EntheoTV, stay up to date with current happenings on our Facebook page and contact us by emailing

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Garden States 2020 - Announcement

Garden States - Cultivating Ethnobotanical Plant Knowledge

Important Update:  As most of you will be aware, the global outbreak of coronavirus (COVID-19) and the recent Australian restrictions on mass gatherings have led to the cancellation of many planned events in the coming months.

In the interest of public health, EGA has moved the Garden States Botanical Symposium from the original date of Saturday, 9th of May to Sunday, 6th December 2020

This new date allows us to keep the same venue and event format, so it's the most logical move. It is our traditional outdoor symposium weekend, so it should be familiar to many of you in the community. We expect the program will also be much the same, but given the circumstances, some slight changes may be expected.

Any current ticket will be valid for the new date, and we encourage you to support us and still attend this exceptional day! However, if you cannot attend the new date, you can contact and arrange a full refund (less booking fees). If you require a refund please let us know as soon as possible.

We're immensely grateful for your support of our botanical initiative. Entheogenesis Australis is a volunteer-run charitable, educational organisation, and the sudden event move has had a financial impact, so if you like what we do and the projects we're producing, you can support us via the following link:

We have pulled together a richly diverse program from across Australia, New Zealand and beyond, including keynote presentations from internationally acclaimed artist Janet Laurence (AU), Dr Suresh Muthukumarasway (NZ) on microdosing studies, Dr Margaret Ross and Dr Martin Williams (AU) on Melbourne's St Vincent's Hospital psilocybin trial, Kirsty MacLeod (NZ) on ibogaine therapy, Monica Barratt (AU)  on trends in ethnobotanical plant data from the Global Drug Survey, and psychedelic critical thinker David Nickles (NZ/USA) discussing the latest underground research. They will be joined by a host of other botanically minded talent for a full day of programming over two spaces. Gather with us to expand your mind, body, community and garden.


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The Entheogenesis Australis YouTube channel. The content presented cannot cover all of the information and material regarding such a diverse area of study. It is merely a starting point to be used in conjunction with other source material and research to explore the discourse surrounding these compounds and their potential benefits in plant research, pharmacology, botany and culture. Some of the practices and ideas our speakers describe are embedded in cultural and religious traditions that may inform and reduce the risks associated with their use. Research, due diligence and caution is recommended when working with medicinal plants. EGA supports a facts-based approach towards drug use, research and policy development. EGA does not endorse any political party or figures.

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Acknowledgment of Country

We acknowledge that in Australia, we live and work on stolen Country, never ceded. We acknowledge that this dispossession, from which most in our community continue to benefit materially, causes ongoing trauma to Indigenous people and communities.

We acknowledge that we benefit from Indigenous knowledge and insights, including long relationships with the plants we revere, from around the world. We acknowledge that Indigenous knowledge has often been taken disrespectfully.

We encourage all in our community to learn to do our work "right way", to understand protocol and to show respect.

EGA endorses the Uluru Statement from the Heart, which calls for a First Nations' Voice to the Australian Parliament, Treaty and Truth. We encourage each and all of our community to take up the invitation in the Uluru Statement to work through Australia's unfinished business.