Entheogenesis Australis (EGA) presents a Melbourne Premiere double feature film screening 

Thursday 19th December 2019, 6:50pm

State Library of Victoria Conference Centre, 179 La Trobe St, Melbourne - Enter Via La Trobe not Swanston Street, Melbourne, Vic 3000


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"Journeys to the Edge of Consciousness" is a part-animated feature-length documentary film by producer / director Rob Harper.

“An ecstatic voyage beyond the gates. Thanks for the trip.” 


“This film is a beautiful rendition of the eternal search by humans for a gateway to the great mystery.”


Take an animated trip into the depths of the human mind with three brave pioneers of the 1950/60’s - Aldous Huxley, Timothy Leary and Alan Watts. The film presents three psychedelic trips by these world-famous authors that together changed them, and Western culture, forever.

Combining stylish, minimalist animation with a rich, immersive soundscape, Journeys creates a unique cinematic spectacle, inviting you to relive the highs - and the lows - of the psychedelic experience from the edge of your seat.

Sixty years later we put these historic trips into a modern context, sitting down with twelve leading current thinkers to ask: "What can expanded states of mind teach us about ourselves, the world and our place in it?"


"Icaros: A Vision" is a film shaped like a shamanic journey, steeped in a psychoactive brew, exploring fear and destiny in the jungle of the mind. A film by Leonor Caraballo and Matteo Norzi.

Her medical options exhausted, an American woman travels to the Amazon in search of a miracle. Thanks to a young ayahuasca shaman who is losing his eyesight, she learns instead to confront her ‘susto’: the disease of fear.

Icaros: A Vision is a story about fear and the release from fear – the fear of illness and of death, but also the fear of life and living. It’s about the possibility of living through one’s fear – which is what the Amazonian plant Ayahuasca is good at getting you to do. Centred on the nightly ceremonies that are the main feature of shamanic retreats, Icaros revels in darkness, replicating a shamanic journey.

The film mixes in elements of reality. Set in an actual Ayahuasca retreat in Peru, it features real shamans and indigenous non-actors from the Shipibo community, mixed in with western actors. Aspects of the film are based on co-director Leonor Caraballo’s true experiences. She had metastatic breast cancer when the shoot began. Although she dedicated herself to the project until the very end, sadly she died before she could see the film finished.

The film is also driven by the conviction that acknowledging the power of plants is the best way to change the jeopardised future of the Amazon – itself like a dying patient. The exploitation of Shipibo lands and communities by oil and timber companies continues. Over the next 20 years, massive tracts will be destroyed to produce only enough oil to sate U.S. demand for, at the most, two weeks. The men and women who have the knowledge of healing plants are finding few in the younger generation who will cultivate their practices. Thus part of the film’s goal is to bring attention to the work, life and knowledge of the Shipibo Conibo people.

Icaros: A Vision is a filmic tapestry about the meeting of cultures, a West in search of its lost soul and the indigenous Shipibo adapting their expansive practices and unique view of the universe. Finally, the story takes place in Iquitos, the same town where Herzog’s Fitzcarraldo was shot more than 30 years ago, and the hotel Casa Fitzcarraldo hosts a key scene in the film.

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Altered states of consciousness have long been a fundamental part of human culture, and as our world becomes increasingly fast-paced, alternative modalities are becoming ever more significant and consciously explored. If you’ve ever asked yourself: “has the ‘war on drugs’ created more problems than it has tried to solve?” or “is MDMA really a more dangerous drug than alcohol?” – then EGA is the place for you.

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