Entheogenesis Australis is a small not-for-profit volunteer run organization. All volunteers who work on EGA do so as a ‘for the love of it’ project, so it may take us more than one week for us to respond to your message.

As a FYI, we will not respond to messages about illegal activities.

For general enquiries, please fill in the form below that will go to the general info email – info [at]

If you have queries regarding a more specialist element, utilize one of the email addresses listed below. If you could kindly list the specific nature of your query in the subject line of your email it would be greatly appreciated.


Accommodation and camping enquiries - accommodation [at] 

For lecture enquiries - programming [at]

For all operational enquiries - operations [at]

For media and communications enquiries - media [at]

Raffle donations enquiries - raffle [at] [Please Note: Not currently active]

Workshop and healing modalities enquiries - workshops [at] [Please Note: Not currently active]

Arts enquiries - arts [at] [Please Note: Not currently active]

Market stalls and organisations enquiries - marketstallsandorganisations [at] [Please Note: Not currently active]
Importantly, please note that we are not taking food and beverage applications for EGA 2017 

Enquiries for if you would like to contribute working hours at EGA in return for a reduced price ticket (very limited places) - contributors [at] [Please Note: Not currently active]

Ticketing – info coming soon


For other queries please fill in the form below that will go to the general info email – info [at]