For close to a decade the EGA conference has provided a major meeting place for ethnobotanical enthusiasts and specialists in Australia to share information and celebrate community. Consisting of lectures and discussion panels, the event hosts an array of speakers from across Australia and abroad. The aims of the EGA conference are to address the issues relating to drug use from social, cultural and traditional perspectives. The conference program draws on therapy, biology, pharmacology, psychology, neuroscience, anthropology, botany, visionary art, culture, politics, law and more, to provide a realistic context of the role drugs and altered states play in the modern world.

For programing info see our Speakers page. The Venue for EGA 2014 will be the Melbourne RMIT Storey Hall (Building 16) 342 Swanston Street Melbourne , Victoria, Australia. Door opens at 8:40am & the event runs till 7:30pm.

The Entheogenesis Australis Symposium will present over 20 lectures and discussion panels featuring an array of renowned international and Australian speakers.

The symposium's aim is to bring together diverse and engaging scientific and cultural perspectives on exploring consciousness through psychoactive substances. The program draws on botany, pharmacology, therapy, psychology, anthropology, politics, law, art and more, to provide a realistic context of the role drugs and altered states play in today's world.


Listed below are the engaging lectures featured at the conference.

Dr Bia Labate - Ayahuasca Shamanism Beyond the Amazon

Dr Alex Wodak AM - The current status of medicinal cannabis in Australia

Dr David Caldicott – To be announced

Geoff Noller - Ibogaine Treatment for Opioid Dependence in New Zealand

Fiona Patten - The New Social Tonics, the Bastard Children of Prohibition

PRISM Inc - The Road to Psychedelic Research in Australia

Alex Gearin – Organic and the Inorganic in Ayahuasca Visions

Andrew McMillen - Can you be too Honest about your own Drug Use?

Dr Vendula Belackova - New Psychoactive Substances

Rak Razam - Full Spectrum Consciousness

DanceWize - Sex, Drugs, and Harm Reduction

Torsten Wiedemann - Analysis of ethnobotanical constituents

Des Tramacchi - Religious Dimensions of Entheogen Use

Mitch Schultz - M Y T H A P H I

Tanea Paterson - Psychedelic' Substance Journeys From ‘Underground’ Into Mainstream Therapy

Nen - Acacia - Spiritual And Cultural Significance

Michael Bock - Kava, The Herb of Tranquility

Genevieve Sinclair - Paint, Glue and Deodorant: Drugs of choice?

Ray Thorpe - 'Knee-jerk' anti-psychoactive laws

Richard Haridy - Psychedelics On Film: An Illustrated Journey

Carl Turney - America's Drug Culture in the 60s and 70s

Tim Payne - Life after Entheogens


To see the full program info click here: http://www.entheogenesis.org/speakers

Altered states of consciousness have long been a fundamental part of human culture, and as our world becomes increasingly fast-paced, alternative modalities are becoming ever more significant and consciously explored. If you’ve ever asked yourself: “has the ‘war on drugs’ created more problems than it has tried to solve?” or “is MDMA really a more dangerous drug than alcohol?” – then EGA is the place for you.

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EGA YouTube Channel Launched
Posted by : jonathan carmichael
EGA is very excited to announce the launch of the Entheogenesis Australis (EGA) YouTube channel providing more than 30 lectures from past conferences and more!

It is our hope that this educational channel will help to broaden the discussion around psychedelic plants and compounds within Australia, as well as around the world, and provide a realistic context for the role that drugs and altered states play in the modern world.

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