Peter Bowden

Peter Bowden

Peter Bowden

Sacred Smoke

Sacred Smoke Teaching

This Sharing will be based on the Sacred Smoke Ceremony or the Smudging Ceremony from the Cree People in Canada

 We will start with a Smudging Ceremony and an Offering of the Sacred Pipe –The Chunupa.

 We will Discuss

 ~The Teachings of the Smudging Ceremony

~Discovering the plants and aspects of all that make up this Sacred Ceremony, for creating Sacred Space, Healing Rituals, and for carrying prayers to Creator.

~ Tobacco, Sage, Cedar and Sweetgrass - KinickKinick

~ Other Native American plants that can be used for smudging and other smoking rituals.

~ Other herbs and plants from around the World that are used in Smoking Rituals and Ceremonies. Traditional cultures use different herbs.

~ Discovering the Spirit or Medicine of these Sacred Plants.

I will also share a Shamanic Medicine Drum Journey to meet the Spirit of Sacred Smoke while burning these sacred herbs over people as they are journeying.

Peter Bowden (Womblé Matu) - I have walked this spiritual path for over 30 years now, sharing teachings from the Cree people in Canada, the Apache people in New Mexico, and wisdom from my own connection to traditional Australian culture as an Aboriginal man. I choose to walk with Great Spirit / Creator, sharing Earth Shamanism and teachings from elders in both the Americas and Australia.

My interest in Native American Culture goes back to my childhood. I met my first Traditional Teacher 32 years ago when I made my first Drum. The Way of the Drum is our connection to our Earth Mother, the pulse and rhythm of Her heartbeat, the heartbeat that is in all living things. 

I felt the Journey of my lifetime stir from within me. This life and the sum of all other lifetimes that had brought me to this time and place, right here, right now.

I spent the next 12 years with a Cree elder and his family in Canada, learning the Way Of the Peacekeepers - the Teachings of The Dawn Star.

I then spent a further 8 years with an Apache elder, learning The Way of The Aunglom Way - Teachings from the Time Before Time. I later spent shorter periods of time with other elders from various parts of the world, building on my experience and understanding of sacred tradition, through many cultures.

Ten years ago I discovered my Aboriginal heritage, when my Great Aunt shared with me the story of my Great Grandmother. My Great Grandmother was of the Stolen generation, taken from the Yorta Yorta people at the age of 6. I have since met with elders of this region and have sat on country with my people to connect to my origins.

I have drawn extensive wisdom, knowledge and deepened further into my connection to land through my heritage as an Aboriginal man.  

I was acknowledged at an indigenous council of over 50 elders from all over Australia and was given blessings by the elders to offer my wisdom through Shamanic Ceremony.

The path I once walked alone opened up and became a calling to share this path of sacred self discovery and service with others. I feel honoured to have impacted the lives of many people, in Australia and abroad, through my Foundation; Shamanic Earth Medicine. We share Shamanic Earth based Medicine practices, Teachings, Ceremony, Retreats and Coaching and Mentoring. I am very passionate about continuing this work and assisting people to empower themselves within Shamanic practices, to walk this life in beauty and love.