Mitch Schultz

Mitch Schultz

Mitch Schultz


From the beginning of the Universe, energy and information interact to generate evolutionary complexity from simple molecules to conscious beings. On a smaller scale, our planetary evolution from single-celled organisms to plants to animals to technology unfolds through the same interaction. The embedded nature of the Universe seems to be awakening to Itself, moving into the nothingness and spawning greater complexity. Humanity, a fractal iteration of this ongoing process, sits at the center and edge of this awaking by continually upgrading our innate operating system of consciousness.

The concepts explored in this workshop aim to open a dialogue about humanity’s link to consciousness, evolution and mythology. Educational and entertaining, it should inspire the emergence of novel stories, new ways of thinking and adaptive ways of being. The workshop experiments with the narrative form and function of nonfiction. Using fact to inform fiction, and fiction to inform fact. Additionally, the workshop was influenced by many thinkers. Two specifically, Joseph Campbell’s overall work on global mythologies and Marshall McLuhan’s work on the impact of our technology, offer particular inspiration.

From an early age, my curiosity of the unknown universe forged my path in storytelling and research. My work as a transmedia producer, experience designer, and educator explores the inherent connections among consciousness, nature, culture, and the evolving human mythology.

In the early ‘90s the confluence of art, information, and technology became the perfect storm for the germination of ideas that continue to inspire me today. My academic research at UT Austin and New York University focused on communication theory, information technology, and media production.

During my education I mentored with visionary producer Tommy Pallotta on films (Waking Life), music videos (Destiny, In the Waiting Line), and the interactive sci-fi mystery (Amnesia Moon). In 2003 I launched Spectral Alchemy as a creative interface for my work over the next decade in indie/studio development, broadcast, interactive design, and commercial production.

In 2009 I decided to focus exclusively on my personal creative vision. As a result, my first documentary, DMT: The Spirit Molecule, premiered two years later and became an instant cult classic. The DMTRMX project, an open source media library and emergent storyworld, became the inspiration for MYTHAPHI.My ongoing curiosity of the future and academic musings on cultural evolution have led to speaking appearances at conferences, universities, festivals, and nonprofits across North & South America, Europe and Australia. In 2016 I co-founded the ONE Series - a forum for discussions with visionaries exploring the edge - hosted monthly at Ludlow House in NYC.