Entheogenesis Australis (EGA) testimonials:


"Entheogenesis Australis is a unique gathering celebrating research and community. Anyone with an interest in discussing the therapeutic benefits of ethnobotanical plants and psychedelics to address the social and cultural issues that face our world today would benefit from attending EGA"  

Rick Doblin
MAPS Executive Director


"EGA is unique in that it is the only conference in Australia (that I know of) that focuses on ethnobotany, demonstrating the presence of an informed and mature ethnobotany community within Australia. 

EGA is not some hippy festival; conference presenters and attendees are serious and well-informed people talking about an important subject -chemists, pharmacologists, clinicians, artists and musicians as well, of course, as ethnobotanists making up some of the most well-informed conference participants that I have had the pleasure of meeting.

EGA is held in a beautiful natural environment, with Australia possessing a fascinating ethnobotany-psycho-pharmacopoeia and it’s reassuring to know that this is recognised and is being proactively furthered by this community.

I very much enjoyed the opportunity to meet so many people with great expertise, and who were doing this work out of passion, not because they were playing some academic game.  So, although there were academics there and good for them, what I was really struck by were the ‘basement geniuses’ who may not have been formally credited, but who nevertheless presented world-class, Ph.D. level research.

Sadly, Psychedelics and their potential uses are deeply misunderstood by ‘mainstream’ culture in Australia, as they are in many other countries around the world. It’s important that there is an organisation dedicated to
countering decades of lies and propaganda with real facts, the sharing of quality research and mature discussion".

Dennis J. McKenna, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Center for Spirituality & Healing
University of Minnesota


"I have been involved with EGA Community for over a decade.

As an emergency medicine consultant, with a specialist interest in illicit toxicology, I have the greatest respect for the depth and breadth of their knowledge in this field.

I have had the pleasure of attending several of their conferences as an invited speaker, and on every occasion, have learned more from the open frank discussion than I have from many of the more formal medical equivalents at which I have spoken. The organisers are unfailingly warm and welcoming, while at the same time happy to engage in informed and robust debate on everything from botany to drugs policy.

I would have no hesitation in recommending the EGA Conferences as unique learning and networking experiences, with unprecedented access to the elders of the entheogenic community in Australia."

Associate Professor David Caldicott
B.Sc(Hons)-[N.U.I.], MB.BS(Lond.), FCEM, Dip Med Tox

Consultant Emergency Physician,
Emergency Department, Calvary Hospital

Clinical Senior Lecturer, Emergency Medicine, A.N.U.
Associate Professor, Health & Design, University of Canberra


"The series of EGA conferences are the only ones in Australia that have systematically focussed on a group of drugs often left in the 'too hard' basket. 'Entheogens', more commonly known as 'psychedelics', are mostly taken for pleasure and cause little public health concern. For some reason, pleasure is rarely considered a legitimate policy consideration. But now some research has shown that some of these drugs may be useful as part of a medical treatment for some difficult-to-treat conditions. EGA runs well organised and fascinating conferences."

Dr. Alex Wodak AM,
Emeritus Consultant, Alcohol and Drug Service, St Vincent's Hospital
Visiting Fellow, Kirby Institute, UNSW
President, Australian Drug Law Reform Foundation
Director, Australia21


"The EGA events are unique. Both indoor and outdoor formats have brought together people interested in plant teachers, altered states of consciousness, and new ways of thinking about the connections between humans, other sentient beings and the worlds we inhabit together. EGA creates a special sense of community in my experience of participating in 4 events so far. My preference is the outdoor multi-day conference form which forces me to get out of my normal world for long enough to reconnect with the land and the bush. EGA allows researchers like myself to engage deeply with community members who have an interest in my research on drug policies and new drug-use and drug-market trends. Since the last EGA event there has been a renaissance of psychedelic research globally, but this trend has yet to truly reach Australia. I see EGA 2017 as a watershed moment for the Australian psychedelic community, where we will have a place to share, connect and organise for a different kind of future."

Dr Monica Barratt


"As a psychologist working in the Alcohol and Other Drug sector, I submitted a paper to EGA 2010 to test the waters on some of my ideas. Attending EGA blew my mind. I had never attended a conference related to the use of Alcohol and Other Drugs that has had such a high caliber of presentations. There were world renowned international speakers, along with local speakers who had various 'hobbies' that they were presenting on - yet their level of knowledge and the degree that they engaged the audience surpassed any conference I have attended. I have since attended every EGA conference and each year the bar has been lifted in terms of the caliber of presenters and presentations. EGA is by far the best Australian conference related to the use of Alcohol and Other Drugs that I have ever attended."

Dr Stephen Bright, PhD (Clin Psych)
School of Psychology and Speech Pathology/National Drug Research Institute
Curtin University


"As co-founder of Australia's psychedelic research organisation - PRISM - I have regular contact with researchers and psychedelic advocates from around the world and I'm regularly reminded of EGA's well-deserved global reputation as pioneers of the psychedelic renaissance. Their conferences exemplify a multidisciplinary approach, encompassing leading edge entheogenic science, art and philosophy, in both indoor and outdoor settings. I've benefitted personally and professionally from attending EGA events and the creation of PRISM was a very direct result of EGA's international outreach and coordination. It's my great pleasure to endorse and recommend the EGA network and conferences as world-class."

Steve McDonald
Association Secretary


"Entheogenesis is a remarkable event, bringing together the Australian entheogenic community and interfacing our collective inquisitive minds with those of leading international practitioners and researchers. The quantity of fascinating information presented at the indoor and outdoor conferences is truly prodigious and the quality unmatched. Nowhere else can my mind be so richly stimulated with informed, insightful discussion at the fusion point where botany, pharmacology, chemistry, religious studies and anthropology meld and sublimate to make entheogenic studies a field of knowledge unlike any other. The outdoor format in particular facilitates connecting with community and with nature and provides a nurturing, grounding, experiential dimension that balances the heady brew of philosophy and science. Students of anthropology, consciousness studies and shamanism, in all their varieties, will find a unique experience of unsurpassed value."

Dr Des Tramacchi, PhD (Studies in Religion)


"EGA is a well organised event of a calibre that attracts some of the best international speakers in the fields of ethnobotany and harm minimisation. The relaxed atmosphere makes serious science accessible to those who might otherwise not be exposed to it, while giving local academics a chance to catch up with their international colleagues. I look forward to sharing a little knowledge and learning a whole lot more at the next event."

Torsten Wiedemann (Shaman Australis Botanicals)


"As a herbal medicine practitioner, I deeply appreciate phytotherapy in all its facets. I find that the EGA symposium really bridges the gap between evidence based medicine and traditional medicine use. Each year I am humbled by the powerful symbiotic relationship that humans share with plants and their potential to heal. In these modern days, dominated by fragmented, synthetic pharmaceutical drugs, it is so refreshing & necessary to have this revival of ancient plant wisdom. We are so lucky to host such world class conferences delivering this precious knowledge right here in Australia.  I can not recommend EGA highly enough to students of natural medicine, fellow complementary medicine practitioners, phytotherapists and botanists alike."

Nicole Tracy


"Entheogenesis Australis is the flowering of the Australian psychedelic and shamanic community. Academics, policy makers, practitioners, journey people and all those interested in psychedelics and plant medicines come together for a meeting of minds–and hearts–unlike any other. Whether a city or outdoor conference, EGA is always a highlight on the calendar of consciousness raising, and a gathering not to be missed!"

Rak Razam,
Writer/Producer Shamans of the Global Village


"EGA brings together an incredibly diverse and interdisciplinary range of presenters at the cutting edge of ethnobotany, psychopharmacology, anthropology and consciousness science. Each time I've attended I've come away amazed - filled with new ideas, new perspectives and new connections. I will not be missing this event".

Vince Polito

Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Australian Research Council Centre of Excellence in Cognition and its Disorders.


Thr first EGA event I attended was one of my first tastes of our local psychedelic community and the very intelligent discussions going on within it. It planted a seed in my mind and made me realise that the discussions I had previously only had on the internet and with a few select friends are legitimate and are worth pursuing further.  The EGA conferences have inspired me to put back into our community as much as I can and I can’t thank them enough for what they have done and created."

Nick Wallis


"Through attending EGA I became more interested in the wider ethnobotanical and enthomycological fields realising they were very valid areas of interest and began looking into the cultivation of both medicinal plants and fungi. This widening of my interest in turn led to university studies, which while not centred around psychedelics, was certainly inspired and encouraged by the people I met and maintained regular communication with after having attended numerous EGA's. The EGA symposiums provide a valuable resource, the lectures the workshops and the discussions on the ground all connect and make the experience one whole learning experience; learning about the ethnobotanical aspects of a plant and then the next day learning how to then cultivate them in a hands-on manner are a valuable reinforcing experience.

EGA brings together a strong community of like minded people, who actively share their knowledge with a sense of citizen science. Knowledge about plants, their husbandry, and their medicinal properties are openly shared and discussed. As a seasoned EGA attendee I find meeting new people and learning aspects of both new plants and plants I know well rejuvenating and stimulating. I find myself going home with new ideas, a sense of wonder and admiration for the community at large and those individuals who work hard to chip away at helping widen community understanding and build respect for all the plants which we come together to discuss."

Caine Barlow