Catalogue - EGA Merch

EGA Tote Bag

EGA 2017 Tote Bag featuring the new design created specifically for the 2017 Symposium as designed by IzWoz. 

All Tote bag text say "Entheogenesis Australis- 'In plants, we ...

Price: $12.00

EGA Blotter

Stunning Limited Edition EGA blotter art featuring the classic IZWOZ plant design.

These artworks are best suited in a frame and hanging on your wall.

Created and printed for th ...

Price: $40.00

EGA Journal 4 2017

The Entheogenesis Australis [EGA] Journal was launched in 2009 to showcase and reflect the diversity of the Australian ethnobotanical community and beyond, from serious scientific reports to playfu ...

Price: $29.95