EGA Seedlings – Community Video Project

We invite the Australian ethnobotanical and psychedelic community to contribute original video content to our livestream on Sunday 5th July (more details on the livestream soon).

During this time of reflection and uncertainty, it’s more important than ever to reach out and share our knowledge and experiences with the community. So, we’re inviting people to review the EGA statement of purpose and mission and respond with a pre-recorded video that is aligned with our charity’s cause in any way. Let’s collaborate to showcase and celebrate Australian knowledge and culture!

Videos can range in duration from 28 seconds to six minutes, 28 seconds,  and can be talking heads, instructional, points of view, creative, or anything your imagination can come up with.

Please keep it legal, be respectful of yourself and others, and share how you plant ethnobotanical seeds for earth, body, and mind.


Due date: 5pm Thursday July 3rd

For more details see our website or download the Seedlings – Community Video Project


Some examples of the kind of original content we’re looking for include:

  • A short botanical workshop (e.g. cactus grafting or seed germination techniques)
  • Give a micro lecture on anything raised by our EGA statement of purpose and mission
  • A tour of your ethnobotanical garden or nursery
  • First Nations account of country and/or the value and use of medicine plants
  • A response to a botanical or environmental place or space of importance to you and others
  • Tell us about your research project or organisation
  • Send us a botanical photo essay in video format
  • Tell us about your favourite ethnobotanical plant and why
  • What do you love about the ethnobotanical and psychedelic community?
  • Review a relevant Australian book of interest
  • Tell us about a related conservation and/or sustainability project
  • The benefits and potential of medicine plants (wellbeing, research, environmental)
  • Your hope for the future in the area of ethnobotany and psychedelics in Australia
  • Tips for better wellbeing, setting up safe and relaxing spaces.
  • Politics and issues related to our area of study
  • A recorded conversation or interview in person or online
  • Maybe you’re an Australian working abroad on a relevant project, tell us about it?
  • Anything from an academic work to a botanical comedy act
  • A short video podcast
  • Surprise us.... 

We will livestream a selection of the best submissions on the day, joined by other special content, and upload some of these videos to our YouTube channel Entheo TV for future viewing.

For more details see our website or download the Seedlings – Video Project Info Sheet Here 

Please pass this email on to like-minded friends you feel might have something to contribute. We look forward to sharing your videos with the global plant community.

Warm regards 

The Entheogenesis Australis (EGA) team

Community Allies