The 2017 EGA Raffle has been drawn!


Congratulations to this year's raffle winners! The initials of the winners are listed below.

1st PB
2nd MK
3rd SB
4th MD
5th MB
6th SR
7th JD
8th TW
9th LO
10th RG
11th PM
Online WL



The EGA Raffle is an important fundraiser which we run in parallel with major EGA events, and all funds raised go towards supporting future EGA events and related projects, like the EGA YouTube Channel, EGA Journal, EGA DVD, and cataloguing lectures from past events. We at EGA are therefore very gracious of all support we receive with the raffle, and we would not be able to deliver all of this amazing content without it.

EGA is a not-for-profit organisation which exists for the benefit of others, usually at personal expense to those behind it, and the funds raised by the raffle really help relieve this and make the organisation more sustainable as a whole.

You might be unable to attend the event this year, but you don’t have to miss out on supporting the EGA cause - a prize donation or buying some raffle tickets is a great way to show your support. To help encourage online ticket sales, there will be a bonus prize drawn only from online ticket sales.

Here is the final round of prizes:


EGA Raffle – Prize Pool Round 3

2x Rainbow Serpent Festival 2018 Tickets – $700 – www.rainbowserpent.net

2x Dragon Dreaming Festival 2018 Tickets – $400 – www.dragondreaming.com.au

1x 1hr flight for up to 3 passengers over the Yarra Valley piloted by Martin Williams (president of PRISM, VP of EGA) – Priceless – Martin Williams

1x Hand-blown glass artwork by David Nickles (DMT Nexus) – Priceless – David Nickles

1x Spore print pack by Alan Rockefeller ( Panaeolus cyanescens & Psilocybe caerulescens) – Priceless – Alan Rockefeller

1x Signed, inscribed copy of "Psychoactive Sacramentals: Essays on Entheogens and Religion (2001)" – Priceless – Thomas Roberts 

1x Original 1991 Bicycle Day patch with statement of authenticity – Priceless – Thomas Roberts

1x Rare, one-time newsletter for the 50th Anniversary of LSD celebration (held in 1993 in San Francisco) with a wildly illustrated centrefold by Kathleen Harrison signed by Kathleen Harrison – Priceless – Kathleen Harrison  

1x Early edition of “Psilocybin: Magic Mushroom Growers’ Guide” book by Oss and Oeric, illustrated and signed by Kathleen Harrison – Priceless – Kathleen Harrison

12x Signed cards (5x7 in. with envelopes) featuring magic mushroom illustrations drawn by Kathleen Harrison for the original Psilocybin: Magic Mushroom Growers Guide in 1975 – Priceless – Kathleen Harrison

1x Piece of “Vine Art,” a piece of Hawaiian-grown B. caapi vine, dried, sanded, oiled and polished – Priceless – Kathleen Harrison

1x Koda Phytorium Mega Hamper (incl. herbs, extracts, amino acids, capsules, Moxa burners & other TCM gear, books, tea sets and much more) – $1000 – Koda Phytorium

1x Signed “To Fathom Hell of Soar Angelic” book by Ben Sessa – Priceless – Ben Sessa

1x Signed “The Psychedelic Renaissance (2nd edition, 2017)” book by Ben Sessa – Priceless – Ben Sessa

1x Signed “Woman of Substances “ book by Jenny Valentish – Priceless – Jenny Valentish

1x Signed “The Fellowship of the River” book by Joe Tafur – Priceless – Joe Tafur

1x Signed copy of “Nomad Codes” book by Erik Davis – Priceless – Erik Davis

1x Signed “The San Pedro Group” book by Patrick Noll – Priceless – https://trichocereus.net

1x Selection of cactus seed packs by Patrick Noll – Priceless – https://trichocereus.net

6x Signed copies of “Articulations” book by Julian Palmer – Priceless – www.articulationsbook.com

1x Signed “Mycelium Running” book by Paul Stamets – Priceless – Shaman Australis Botanicals

1x Signed “Global Tribe” book by Graham St John – Priceless – Shaman Australis Botanicals

1x Shaman Australis Botanicals store voucher – $200 – Shaman Australis Botanicals

1x Authentic Huichol Yarnie – $150 – Shaman Australis Botanicals

1x Chinese tea ceremony set for 8 – $145 – Shaman Australis Botanicals

1x “Gold Top Mushroom” canvas print (30x30cm) – $80 – Shaman Australis Botanicals

1x Original "veil" painting (125x230cm) by Nick Pike – Priceless – www.nickpikeart.com

1x Cobalt Alloy Bladed Hair Scissors – $500 – Excellent Edges

2x IzWoz Patch Pack (2x large + 3x small patchs) – $208 – IzWoz

2x IzWoz Wooden Prints – $200 – IzWoz

3x IzWoz Gift Card Packs (6 cards per pack) – $66 – IzWoz

2x IzWoz 'Vinesight' Postcard packs (5 cards per pack) – $50 – IzWoz­­­­­­­­­­­­

6x Aseptic cultures of an Acacia (for tissue culture) incl 100ml tubes & 30ml media – Priceless – Darklight

1x Psychotria viridis hybrid (new) – Priceless – www.herbalistics.com.au

1x Herbalistics store voucher – $200 – www.herbalistics.com.au

1x 100g Argyreia nervosa seed  – $180 – www.herbalistics.com.au

1x 'Chemical Shaman' clone (TPM x (SS02xPach)) crested cactus – Priceless – Naja Naja

1x 'Penny' (aka 'wandjina') clone (TPM x N1) crested cactus – Priceless – Naja Naja

1x Catha edulis 'Planthelper' (khat) large seed pack – $41 – Naja Naja

1x Signed Photographic Print by RonnySimulacrum – Priceless – RonnySimulacrum

1x Original "Befallen" artwork painted by Hamish Waters with Amanda Sage & Christopher Ulrich – Priceless – Hamish Waters

1x Signed “Re-taking” A3 print by Hamish Waters – Priceless – Hamish Waters

1x "The Encyclopedia of Psychoactive Plants" book by Christian Raatsch – $200 – PolyEster Books

1 x Acacia phlebophylla in a 140mm pot – Priceless – Communacacian

1x Voucher for 10x Trichocereus seedlings – $90 – Cosmic Cacti

1x Hand-made wooden necklace set with crystal – Priceles – Unearthed Jewelry

1x Peyote plant (potted) – $100 – Cactus Orgy

1x Happy Herbs Hamper – $100 – Happy Herbs Melbourne

20x White Sage Sticks – $320 – Sage Dreaming

1x “Santo Daime” book by Andrew Dawson – $50 – Michael Bock

1x Assorted collection of entheo-themed household items & art – Priceless – Anonymous

1x Psychedelic Press UK Journal Volume XIII – $10 – Ryan M

1x Psychedelic Press UK Journal Volume XIV – $10 – Ryan M


Prize Pool Total Value – $5000!




Thank you for your support!

Email: raffle [at] entheogenesis.org

EGA Raffle FAQ: www.entheogenesis.org/sites/default/files/web_files/ega_raffle_faq_2017_v1.4.pdf




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