EGA Journal 4 2017

The Entheogenesis Australis [EGA] Journal was launched in 2009 to showcase and reflect the diversity of the Australian ethnobotanical community and beyond, from serious scientific reports to playful provocations and inspiring art. This very limited fourth issue of the Journal was prepared as part of the EGA 2017 Psychedelic Symposium, 8-10 December 2017, held at Holmesglen, Eildon, Victoria, Australia.

Journal 4 contains 38 individual articles as well as additional color artwork all in one special 190-page volume. We only have a very limited number of Journal 4 left so get them while you still can.

Featuring essays by Erik Davis, Dr Ben Sessa, Dena Sharrock PhD, Sue Sisley MD, David Nickles, James Oroc, Jenny Valentish, Des Tramacchi, Snu Voogelbreinder, Rita Kocárová, Dr Nigel Strauss, Rak Razam, Dr Octavio Rettig, and Julian Palmer.  A contribution by David L. Nathan, MD, DFAPAH, Westley Clark, MD, JD, MPH and Joycelyn Elders, MD, MS. 

Also featuring essays by Thomas B. Roberts, Tom Forrest,  Natalie Lyla Ginsberg, John Hartberg, Joe Tafur MD,Meredith Drinkell, Sebastian Job, Nicholas Kent, Dr Jack Allocca, Darklight, Communacacian, Dr Kalika N Doloswala, David M. O’Shaughnessy, Prashanth Puspanathan, Mickey Space & Bill Walsh, Carl Tune-In, Tim Williams & Rachel Gagen, Light Wizard, Lydia Marolda, Shine Ashley,Gary Clark, Peter Bowden, Tanya Loos.

Featuring the artwork of Katia Honour, IzWoz, Shiptu Shaboo, Belinda Wickens, Light Wizard, Mr Mupz, Nina Maskiell, Jess Saunders, mmmaciej, Adem Jaffers, Gav Seed, Big Doofa, Dale Carruth.

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