Australian Entheogenic Compendium - Volume one

The Australian Entheogenic Compendium was launched in 2017 as a retrospective of the articles from these first three journals compiled into one volume to provide a rare and special glimpse into the Australian ethnobotanical community.  The Compendium also features an interesting foreword from the EGA directer. 

The Entheogenesis Australis [EGA] Journal was launched in 2009 to showcase and reflect the diversity of the Australian ethnobotanical community, from serious scientific reports to playful provocations and inspiring art.  An edition was printed for each Outdoor EGA symposium held in 2009, 2010, and 2011.

Journal 1 contains 25 articles,  Journal 2 contains 12 articles & Journal 3 contains 21 articles. So this volume contains 58  individual articles in total as well as additional artwork all in one 230 page volume.

Featuring essays by previous headliners, Dennis J. Mckenna, PhD, Bear Stanley, Fire and Earth Erowid.  Additional essays by Des Tramacchi, Stephen Bright, Julian Palmer, Rak Razam, Mitch Schultz, Graham St John, Monica J. Barratt, Nese Lisa Senol, and James Oroc

Art by Katia Honour, Adam Scott Miller, IzWoz, Nina Maskiell, Hayden Peters, mmmaciej, Linnea Rundgren, Sylph Aeon.

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