james skalkos

James Skalkos

James Skalkos

Soma-delics : The somatic feedback loop of Psychedelics

The research on the effects psychedelics have on the brain is growing, and we have long known these medicines to be great tools to understand the mind, shadow and unconscious, but the mind is more than just the brain.  So what are the effects on the body during a psychedelic experience and what are the effects on the psychedelic experience when somatic processes are stimulated. Considering that certain movements, combined with breath and sound can produce endogenous psychedelics states, so what happens when these all coalesce with a exogenous psychedelic? Is this a recipe for disaster or is there a synergy that smooths out the journey and integration back into reality.


James Skalkos is an international movement teacher, peak state/stage educator and rite of passage facilitator. For the past 9 years James has travelled the world training with master healers and practitioners in  the arts of tantra, meditation, somatic bodywork, shamanic journeys, psychic surgery, biohacking, wilderness survival, natural movement systems including yoga, dance, martial arts, qi gong, tai chi, gymnastics, parkour, ancestral movements and action adventure sports.

He created a multi-disciplinary system of ultimate human performance, he named DMT or Dynamic Movement Therapy. This convenient name was the attempt to bridge both the movement and psychedelic cultures, each having an incredible impact on his development, and get them talking, collaborating, sharing research and bringing these technologies to the mainstream. It was also born from noticing the growing global plant medicine consumption with little education offered on preparation and integration practices and philosphies for these shamanic states.

He is dedicated to optimising health from all angles, utilising anything that works, nutrition, neurofeedback, biohacking, movement and shamanic medicines with a particular emphasis on utilising all kingdoms of the natural world, mineral, plant, animal, funji and bacteria to remedy disease, disconnection and to establishh a state of ultimate human perfomance. He teaches how to prepare and integrate peak states of consciousness into peak stages and re-reconnecting people to the enchantment of their own body and the natural world.