Garden States 2019

 Join us as we are respecting the mother plants on May 12th 2019

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We invite you to be a part of this full day of ethnobotanical knowledge sharing and discussion on psychedelic plants & culture. It will be an indoor community gathering made up of keynote lectures, panel discussions, workshops and market space. EGA is a not-for-profit educational organisation that exists to provide opportunities for critical thinking about psychedelic plants and related compounds.  Help us share the seeds.

We are still cultivating our program but we have some preliminary info online for you to review.

Lecture space
1. Charly Bedrossian - Cannabis cultivation: Reach for higher quality standards
2. David Nickles - Notes from the Underground: New and Ongoing Explorations in Ethnopharmacology
3. Nen - Acacia - Cultural and Therapeutic Significance
4. Michael Bock - The Fascinating Field of Australian Fung: Fabulous Friends for food, Splendour and Insight 
5. Stephanie Hazel​ - TBC
6. Jamie Simpson - TBC

Workshop space and discussion groups
1. Share the Seeds: A Discussion on Mutual Psychedelic Sustainability 
2. Mushroom Culture without a lab (agar cloning tek using hydrogen peroxide)
3. Acacia: Growing Australian Sacred Trees 
4. TBA

1 - Botanical Medicine 
2 – The thin green line - Plants and drug laws 

Market Space
If you’re keen to be considered for a market stall, please email info [at] with the subject ‘Market stall - May 12’ with your contact details and a brief description of the market stall or info stand.

International Bios

Charly Bedrossian

Charly Bedrossian is a representative of the Cannabis College in Amsterdam. This non-profit organization that offers free advice on the safe use of recreational and medicinal cannabis while also educating the public about the many industrial uses of the hemp plant. In his presentation, Charly will share the history of this non-profit organization and explore the importance of education in today & tomorrow’s cannabis industry in order to reach higher quality standards. 

Born in France, Charly grew up between Madagascar, Ecuador & Colombia, before eventually moving to the Netherlands to pursue his passion for cannabis. Shortly after arriving in Amsterdam, he started to work for the Sensi Seeds Bank, where he still works today as Community Manager. He is also a volunteer at the Cannabis College and its head gardener. Eternally curious, Charly’s motto is to learn something new every day & share this knowledge with others.

David Nickles (DMT-Nexus)

David Nickles is an underground ethnobotanical researcher and glassblower based out of North Carolina. Operating under the name Oneiros Glass, he has been pursuing the craft of borosilicate glass to escape from the alienating and oppressive atmosphere of “work,” as conceived within an industrial context. Specializing in lathe-work, David primarily fabricates concentrate rigs, water pipes, and custom scientific apparatus used in botanical extractions. Over the past decade, he’s offered sociopolitical commentary and considerations dealing with psychoactive substances and the communities engaged with these plants and compounds. Utilizing a framework of radical politics combined with experiential understandings of the insights that entheogens can catalyze, David, highlights the ways in which intentional and deliberate use of these plants can transform our world.