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The Entheogenesis Australis [EGA] Journal was launched in 2009 to showcase and reflect the diversity of the Australian ethnobotanical community, from serious scientific reports to playful provocations and inspiring art. The issues of the Journal are prepared to supplement the presentations at the annual EGA Symposium, Victoria, Australia.

We are now offering Journal 01, 02 and 03 and other articles as free downloads to the community.


Editors: Faustus, Erik van Keulen, Des Tramacchi & Kathleen Williamson

Design & Desktop Publishing: Maciej Napieraj [Issues 02 & 03], Julian Raxworthy [Issue 01]


Journal Issue 03: 2011/2012

EGA Journal 03 2011/2012. To Download:  Click Here


Journal Issue 02: 2010/2011

EGA Journal 02 2010/2011. To Download:  Click Here

Additionally in Journal No. 2 a number of excellent articles didn't make it into the Journal, so we include them here as downloadable PDFs:

Keeper Trout: The Trichocereus Species: Taxonomic delineations

Daniel Schreiber: plan plant planet - growing people, cultivating minds and nurturing spirit


Journal Issue 01: 2009/2010

EGA Journal 01 2009/2010.  To Download: Click Here


Enjoy, and share them far and wide.