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Welcome to the Entheogenesis Australis YouTube channel - Entheo TV (  Entheogenesis Australis (EGA) and the contributors hope that this content helps you develop your knowledge on the subject of psychedelic plants, entheogens and states of consciousness. 

The content presented here cannot cover all of the information and material regarding such a diverse and important area of study. It is simply a starting point to be used in conjunction with other source material and research to explore the discourse surrounding these compounds and their potential benefits. Some of the practices and ideas our speakers describe are embedded in cultural and religious traditions that may inform and possibly reduce the risks associated with their use. Research, due diligence and caution can also reduce the risks of exploring states of consciousness. Like skydiving or rock climbing, there are risks associated with these practices, but some significant benefits might be explored as long as the right safety measures, changes in laws relating to their use, and above all a mature approach to the subject, are in place.

The opinions offered here are not those of EGA directly, but rather of the speakers themselves. No matter how well informed you are, many of these substances remain risky without the proper preparation and setting and are still currently against the law in Australia. The information on our channel is not presented to encourage drug use or endorse illegal activity of any kind, but rather to offer a broad array of counterpoints to the mainstream notion that any and all use of psychedelic plants, entheogens and sacraments is detrimental to the mind, body and society at large. EGA supports a fact-based approach towards drug use, research and policymaking. We hope you find this information beneficial.

Beatriz Labate - Ayahuasca Shamanism in the Amazon and Beyond
Dennis J McKenna - Origins of the Human Imagination: Plant-Human Coevolution

Arik Reiss - The Pathologisation of Cannabis Use in the Mainstream Media
Sebastian Job - The Light of the Toad of Light (5-MeO-DMT)

Rick Doblin: Psychedelics, Social Change, and Cultural Revolution
Bear Stanley: Reflections on Life, LSD and DMT

Des Tramacchi - Religious Dimensions of Entheogen Use
Psychedelics As Medicine - Neurons to Nirvana screening & panel discussion

Rich Haridy - Psychedelics On Film: An Illustrated Journey
Drug Law Reform panel - 'From medical to recreational - the road to regulation'

Drug Law Reform panel: What Does Regulation Look Like?
Fiona Patten: New Social Tonics, the Bastard Children of Prohibition

Andrew McMillen: Can You Be Too Honest About Your Own Drug Use?
Dr David Caldicott - Return to Terra Nullius Redux

Grant Hall - A Review of What Happened Under a Regulated Market
Michael Bock - Australasia: An Entheogenic Wonderland

Alex Gearin - Organic and the Inorganic in Ayahuasca Visions
Carl Tunein - America's Drug Culture in the 60s and 70s

Fire and Earth: From Microdots to Bath Salts
The Origins of Consciousness in the Technological Age


Mitch Schultz: Cultural Metamorphoses: Re-coding Mythology, Transmedia to Transbeing
Shamanistic Consciousness: The Exploration of the Supernatural and its Role in Human Evolution-Intro


Shamanistic Consciousness: The Exploration of the Supernatural and its Role in Human Evolution-Part1
Dennis McKenna: The Brotherhood of the Screaming Abyss; Reflections on the Experiment at La Chorrera


Robert Jesse: Psilocybin Occasions Mystical Experiences Having Sustained Spiritual Significance
Rak Razam: From Cosmic Consciousness to Convergence: Mapping the Species Activation


Robin Rodd: Chemicals, Not Symbols: The Chemical Ecology of Shamanism as a Healthcare System
Des Tramacchi: Cross-cultural Perspectives on the Uses of Stimulants as Entheogens


Joseph Gelfer: Towards a Sacramental Understanding of Dextromethorphan
Sam Cutler: Psychedelics - Discretion vs Promotion - The Conundrum


Jasen: Iboga/Ibogaine in the Use of Addiction
Rick Doblin: Developing Psychedelics into Prescription Medicines


EGA 2011 Panel: Beyond Evidence Based Drug Policy
Keeper Trout: Lophophora


Torsten Wiedemann: Is it Legal?
Dr David Caldicott: When the Search for Enlightenment Finds the Emergency Room


Darpan: The Emergence of New Paradigms from Ancient Shamanic Modalities
Monica Barratt: Internet Filtering, Drug Websites and Harm Reduction in Australia


Neşe Lisa Şenol: Psychedelics in the Humanities
Des Tramacchi: The Uses of Delirium: Cross-Cultural Perspectives on Datura-like Drugs
Daniel Schreiber: The Nature of Addiction, Modern Initiation and Chasing the Bliss
Dennis McKenna: Neuroscience of Spirituality


Stephen Bright: Taking Entheogens to the Masses
Dr Alex Wodak: Drug Law Reform - The End of the Beginning