Arts Program


Installations, performance art, projections and live painting:




Large-scale salvage art sculptures - a travelling exhibition of luminous insectoid droid creatures, customised lanterns and artefacts, including a giant illuminated friendly mantis creature, crystal light sculptures, crop circle shades and cosmic carpets.



The Family Von Tripp

Collaborative Campground Installation
Created specifically for this year’s EGA Symposium as a community space for people to converge, participate in workshops, and in the evenings enjoy a psychedelic ‘Son et lumière’ chill-out sound and light show on the grass, amongst the trees and by the water’s edge.



Light Wizard

The Vision
A multicoloured, multifaceted, and multidimensional visioning experience where the intangible becomes tangible.

The Human Kaleidoscope
Capture your curiosity and marvel at the wondrous world of fantastical ingenuity that exists… through the looking glass!

Interdimensional Windows
Take a peek into a different reality, beyond limitations… into a world of pure imagination.




Luminance Laboratory
An interactive glow-in-the-dark transparent wall, where light is the medium and you are the artist, with customised UV LED brushes, rollers, spray cans and stencils to channel your creativity; plus regular laser shows each evening designed around original music to showcase the psychedelic patterns the laser creates on the glow wall.



Tenfingerz Travel Agency
At Tenfingerz Travel we are committed to providing you with a great travel experience. Highly trained, expert agents are dedicated to helping you plan your dream trip today. Our professional team has travelled the globe inside and out extensively, and want to make sure that you have all the information and options you need to have the best trip possible.

Tenfingerz is a time artist, tripper and cynical observer of the human condition who creates immersive and interactive durational performances made specifically for Australian psychedelic culture.


Leafy Creations

Luminous Flower Lanterns
Luminous lanterns will look like sparkly, giant, magical flowers during the daytime, but as the day turns to dusk the giant flowers will begin to glow and pulse with an array of colours and help turn the landscape into an enchanted realm, lighting your journey from one place to the next.



Bryan Itch and Stiff Ives

Live mural painting on a large-scale geometric wall throughout the duration of the conference, created in homage to the unusual alliances forged through entheogenic exploration. Itch will also exhibit light boxes, 3d art and live video projections.




La Lumina Botanica
Décor and lighting installations. A fantasy garden forms a bridge into a cosmic and tranquil realm where otherworldly plants grow wild and their flowers illuminate our way. By creating a new atmosphere for people to inhabit, Pixie Lou (Creatura) aims to alter the space, bringing our dreams into reality.


Mr Mupz

Visual Vortex Bus Stop
Drawing from nature, magical realism, surrealism and beyond, this multifunctional installation will help you on your journey to where you need to go, wherever that may be.




Psychedelium Australis
Forty square metres of outdoor banner art. A pictorial oracle of novel reflections. Visual artefacts summoned from time sand; Fungal fractal fascias of curious sepian technologies upon which to gaze, humor, question and wonder. Creatures of eternal dimensions as seen in their native habitats. Everyone a mystery - everyone a universe. Please feed the animals!



The Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost

The Mindbender
Resonating with echoes of Stonehenge, the Ring of Brodgar, and other ritual spaces, this large-scale installation is a spiritual, psychedelic, and mind-blowing psychotropic machine, designed to envelop audiences in a pleasant and hypnotic multi-sensory experience. 


Kollide Projections

Light Fields
Large-scale outdoor video projection mapping. Prepare to immerse yourself within infinite spectrums of vast and luminous psychedelic visuals layered onto unsuspecting surfaces, as Kollide transforms the natural outdoor environment into a multidimensional visual spectral spectacular!



Liminal Caravan

A Temporary Autonomous Zone
Trailing a haze of dark smoky magic life dust in our wake, the Liminal Caravan creates portals... We believe in the beauty of the Mystery and we offer our hearts, full of love, to all creation... We create with what we find on our journey... Like Wombles in the mist... Gathering quartz, blood and feathers... Smashing the Symbols of the Empire... In the name of nothing... Except the heart's longing for grace...


Cinema & FILMS:

Psychedelic Cinema - Can cinema alter your consciousness? 

Can cinema alter your consciousness? Rich Haridy thinks so and is curating two nights of brain-altering short films and clips. Designed to disorientate and delight, these exclusive collections of oddities have been handpicked to twist your mind into knots. 

Featuring an assortment of strange short films, mad music, retro infomercials, archival experiments and anachronistic animations, the screenings sit somewhere in between moving wallpaper and a “clockwork orange-style” audiovisual assault. Come, have a drink, catch up with colleagues, and bond over a shared sense of outrage and confusion.



Icaros: A Vision

An exploration of fear and destiny in the jungle of the mind.
Filmmakers Leonor Caraballo and Matteo Norzi have drawn from their own experiences, allowing for a uniquely stirring film that touches on the notions of friendship, familial bonds, and the fear of the unknown. Visually inventive and hypnotic in nature, Icaros: A Vision captivates with its meditative look at a little-seen world, punctuated by truly trippy depictions of ceremonial splendor.



Ayahuasca and Huachuma are companion documentaries by Mitch Schultz that explore two powerful plants used for divination. Shot on location near lquitos, Peru at the SpiritQuest Sanctuary. The films follow a group of seekers through several traditional ayahuasca and huachuma ceremonies, documenting their experiences, insights and healing.