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Submissions are now open for inclusion in the 2017 Entheogenesis Australis Psychedelic Symposium program. If you work, study or have a personal interest in the realm of sacred plants, chemical alchemy and states of consciousness, then we’d love to hear from you for the possibility of helping co-create a cutting edge and mind-bending program for EGA 2017!

EGA 2017 is a 3-day and 3 night outdoor conference made up of lectures, workshops, panel discussions, healing space, and cutting edge multimedia. As usual we will be hosting a fantastic array of speakers internationally and from across Australia. EGA 2017 aims to address the issues relating to drug use/misuse from social, cultural and historical/traditional perspectives. The EGA 2017 program will draw on the backgrounds of physiology, psychedelic therapy, biology, pharmacology, psychology, neuroscience, anthropology, botany, psychedelic culture & art, politics & law, and more, to provide a realistic context to the role drugs and altered states play in the modern world. We hope you will join us on this exploration.


Important – Please Read Before Applying:

  • EGA is a not-for-profit and volunteer run organisation and therefore is not in a position to pay artist or programming fees.
  • Your Availability: EGA-17 takes place over 3 days 8-10 December 2017 in rural Victoria around 2 hours from Melbourne. If you’re serious about participating, it is important to keep these dates free. During the event lectures will be held between 10 am and approximately 11 pm.
  • Your Biography and Lecture Title/Summary will be made public and will appear in the EGA 2017 Program, on the web page and other publicity material.
  • Duration: Lectures at EGA range from 30-40 minutes total, including question time depending on where you are placed in the program after selection.
  • Audio Facilities: EGA lecture spaces will include microphones and PA.
  • Visual Facilities: For evening lectures, EGA will provide a laptop running Microsoft Powerpoint. Speakers are asked to bring their Powerpoint formatted talk to the conference on a USB stick. Speakers will be requested to provide an electronic copy of their presentation by late November 2017 to include on the EGA laptop for presentations. It is also the responsibility to bring a back up copy with to your presentations on USB.
  • Scheduling: EGA is an outdoor conference which timetables lectures from 9am until 11pm over 3 days, with the majority of our program conducted during daylight hours. The main symposium lecture spaces are outdoors and the long summer days mean that darkness only really sets in later in the evening. Please be aware that it is not possible for us to schedule everyone's talks at night, and some times of the day may cause problems with presentation slides.  Please notify us in your application if slides or short videos are pivotal to your lecture or workshop. Pending a successful application you will be notified in advance of your lecture time slot.
  • EGA 2017/18 Journal: EGA will produce a publication showcasing the conference lectures, workshops and panel discussions. We will ask speakers and artists on the program to make a submission to the Journal by 31 July 2017.
  • Publicity & Documentation: EGA may use information provided about programmed presentations for the purpose of producing promotional media which will be used in future fundraisers for the event. All lectures will be recorded and possibly published online on the EGA youtube channel (
  • Contributors/Volunteering: EGA is coordinated by dedicated volunteers. During the festival, we always need extra help with things like taking tickets at the gate, putting up signs, cleaning up a bit, and even more skilled work like helping with lighting or construction. This year we’re asking our program participants to consider helping out as volunteers as well.
  • EGA 2017 Registration: There is no registration charge for confirmed lecturers, workshop facilitators, healing space practitioners, and multimedia artists. However, with our new 2017 venue, we are permitted very limited numbers on site so unfortunately we are unable to offer complimentary “plus one” passes to the partners or guest of program participants.
  • Applicants based overseas: Please note that unfortunately EGA only has enough funds to contribute to part of the international airfares, food or accommodation for overseas applicants.
  • EGA does not have an entertainment focus and only limited sound elements are likely to be included in the programming. We are making you aware from the outset sound performance is a reduced element compared to other areas of programming. However, if it is a healing modality sound workshop (Eg. Didgeridoo Sound Healing) then the workshop Healing application is recommended. Keep in mind from the outset the site has capped numbers and applications with several contributors (groups) are unlikely to be possible due to circumstance beyond our control and depending on ticket sales and crew requirements.


Deadline for Additional Applications: 5pm - 13th August 2017

Submit an Arts/Decor/Multimedia Application

Submit a Market Stall Application


Applications for the National Lectures (Australian citizen, or Australian resident) closed 5th June 2017

Applications for the International Lecture (non-Australian citizen, travelling to Australia) closed 5th June 2017

Applications for Workshops and the Healing Workshops closed 14th July

We will notify lecture and workshop applicants of the outcome by around the 15th July 2017.



If you have any questions about the application process, please write to us at programming [at]

General questions about the event should be sent to info [at]